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In order to write a strong blog post, as you already may know, it will take time, effort and planning. Writing that compels your readers to take action. There are basically three goals you can have for a blog post, but ultimately you want your readers to take some form of action.

Some people believe that in order to be a successful blogger, you have to blog everyday. I remember when blogging first started, there were a lot of contests out there, like the Thirty Day Challenge to see who could write the most blog posts in thirty days. At the end of the thirty days, you would have thirty blog posts or more. Seems like a good idea? Right!

Fast forward to 2019, there’s about two million blog posts being written each day, that’s a lot of content! So what does that tell you? It tells you there’s a lot of posts out there, some good, some bad, some ugly and there’s some that’s in the middle. When you rush the blogging process, most of the time you will put out junk.

Think about this, with all of life’s circumstances that we have, most of us don’t have a lot of time to spare. There’s the jobs that we go to, there’s our families and friends who we’d like to see. Now, lets just say you got all your life business out of the way, how much time do you think you really have left? Most people only would have two to three hours a day to work on their business.

That’s because the majority of people who are building their business are building it on a part-time basis, so if you are trying to pump out a blog post every single day, most of your blogs post will be poorly written and poorly organized. You might be thinking “Mark, having some type of blog post out there is better then having no blog post at all.” Not Necessarily!

My point is “don’t feel you have to blog for the sake of blogging”. If you are continuously producing a bad blog post on a daily basis you will become known as the person who puts out bad content and your readers will come to know you as such. So anytime they see your face or hear your name, it will remind them of the bad experience they had reading your material, immediately hit the back button on your site, and go away, even if it is good. This is known as a Bad User Experience

“They will not give you the time of their day to waste anymore of their time!”

There’s nothing wrong with putting out a blog post a week or two to three times a month if the content is good, just don’t feel you have to always have a new blog everyday. Because once it is out there, it takes time for your stuff to be seen by the majority of people anyway.


Say you have a hobby making pretty faces on cupcakes, because you believe they make people feel good, and you give these cupcakes away to people, heck, you even take them to your local schools to treat the kids.

So over the weekend, you write about how your cupcakes gave people joy and how you came up with funny faces to bring joy to people that’s okay cause it’s a hobby, but if you trying to grow your business, write about it to convey to your audience about the things that will help them with theirs.

Talking briefly about yourself can be powerful if done correctly, but don’t write like you’re writing in a diary, “today I had a problem with XYZ and I struggle trying to find a solution, No! You can’t just talk about your life pains and struggles, you also have to focus on your audience pains, struggles and needs.

This might sound a bit harsh, “People Don’t Care About Your Problems” they want to know how can they take what you are saying, selling or offering to them to help solve their own problems.

I like to use an acronym “WIIFM”

“What’s In It For Me.”

You might be asking yourself, if you don’t already know, “how do I focus on my audience?” To focus on your audience means to get to know your readers. You must provide quality value to your audience, find out what’s keeping them up at night, their pains, their struggles, and their desires.

Focus on their pain, agitating that pain so the reader realize they need to fix that pain, then put a strong call to action in place telling them how your thing is the remedy.

For example, say some of your readers are having problems writing an irresistible offer or Build a Website give ideas and examples on how they can achieve success in that area.

Ask a Question.
a.) What problems are you struggling with?

Educate them on ways to start an irresistible offer
Give them Information on starting a Building a Website
Give them information, places to get help etc.

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Examples Help
Now after you’ve done that, this is important, to show them what you are promoting, can help to solve those issues.

Here are my final thoughts on part 1, There are two types of people, those who get mind building information and do nothing with it, than there are those who put what they have learned into action and get immediate results

“Which one are you”?

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