17 thoughts on “What Is The Review Of Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. Dave Sweney Thanks for the Wealthy Affiliate review, you have covered very well what the platform is all about and what kind of features that you can expect as a member. I feel very confident that anyone who decides to give it a try will likely have a good chance at succeeding.Online affiliate marketing is a wide-open market segment, and with the pandemic conditions that we are living with, it is a way to earn some money while staying at home to protect ourselves. You have laid things out clearly and I am sure there will be many that will want to try the platform out. I know I am going to. 
    • MarkThanks Dave, You with everything happening in the world today, working from home just makes it much easier to deal with things. WA platform makes it a lot easier to learn the online business process. thank you.
  2. Changing world news Nice and very educative post on wealthy affiliate. It is such a helpful post to most of us especially those who just entered into the business to have a comprehensively detailed post on wealthy affiliate. With your post I now know most of the things I did not know before and most of the questions that were bordering me are now very clear to me. Thanks for sharing. 
    • Mark Thanks, there is so much to cover about what goes on in Wealthy Affiliate, that it became one of my biggest challenges writing this review.
  3. coacherostpFirst off, very well written blog on your review of WA. You even outlined some things I did not even know with regards to WA – such as the amount of opportunities with Jaaxy – so this was a good refresher for me!A few critique points, I think it would be a good idea to make it a bit easier to find your past blogs, as the only way to find them now are on your home page. Possibly add it under your “Blog” tab? I can imagine you are just starting out with the blogging world.Regardless, if you continue to deliver the content quality from your blogs, you will do amazing! Keep at it!
    • Mark Thanks  coacherostp for the critique points, I like that adding to the blog tab, great idea, I’m going to do that. thanks again.
  4. zac Wow! What a thorough review. I had a few questions as I was reading along, but my the end I had no questions. You have included all the information I was looking for. I see now why wealthy affiliate has so many members and is the number one place to learn affiliate marketing. Thanks
  5. DonnyOne thing I have appreciated from the start at wealthy affiliate is the training and how it is all so simplified and easy to understand, learning couldn’t be any easier. I haven’t been around for long and haven’t really made any money from.promoting products but have made reasonable 3 figure amounts every month from adsense. What I can say is business is good online, so much easier than making money in the real world. The first bucks I made as through their comments section, I was getting paid just for leaving comments on other people’s blog and compared with many male money online sites like PTC sites this was way better and easier. Thanks for such a review.
    • MarkHi Donny, the training was easy for me once I got the hang of online business and learned that there are so many ways and opportunities to make money. thanks again.
  6. CJ GreeneThis was one of the more interesting reviews I’ve read on WA. Not only did you provide us the facts but little snippets of personal experience, which I really liked. What drew me to WA was the fact that you don’t even need a credit card to have your free account. So many places make you apply for a “free trial” with your card, and they’ll automatically start charging you after that trial period if you don’t cancel in time. I liked being able to try out WA without risking giving my card info. Thanks for this review!
  7. EricYes Wealthy Affiliate is really great.  For the amount of money that I spend to be a member is actually really great value.  Kyle and Carson could easily charge 5x as much for a membership due to all of the support content teaching.  I remember getting my first sale and was like, wow its actually working.  And it was a silly sports blog that had no clear direction and it sold 30 items in a month.  I highly recommend WA.
  8. Benny finding a good article does not come by easily so I must commend your effort in creating such a beautiful website and bringing up an article to help others with good information like this. in all my search online for a reliable platform, i have never seen one with such support system like wealthy affiliate. this is why i love this platform.
    • Mark Hi Benny, WA is a great platform. Thank you
  9. Perryline This is a great and amazing article and i find this artcile informative and important for online marketers to have a view on. I have been involved in so many scams and decided not to do en-dodge in such schemes not until a friend o mine got informed me of wealthy affiliate. i am really earning a lot from from the business thanks for sharing 
    • Mark Thank you Perryline, yeah I know first hand about being scammed it happen to me. The thing I like about WA, you get to try it for free get a good look at it and do some of the training. Nothing to lose. 
  10. Smoochi The fact that i have come to learn something tangible from this post is satisfying. The make of your website is nice and the simplicity of the color selection makes it beautiful. apart from the fact that there is a free training and great community, the support system of wealthy affiliate is superb. thank you.
    • Mark Thank  you Smoochi,  for your response I really enjoy the training too. I find that the more I go over the training I keep learning more.