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Seems there is almost an endless ways drive traffic to a website,  but still getting those hits is a struggle for many people. I still work to get traffic every day. So, I thought I’d give you some idea’s to get you started, to get things rolling.

The biggest thing is that you should be spending a majority of your time building traffic streams to your web sites. Stuff to sell is the easy part, getting the people to buy what your selling is the most important aspect of creating an online income.

I say this, because I will be the first to admit that I catch myself doing little things that have nothing to do with promotion.  Usually it’s tweaking thing, like trying to make my website perfect, and it’s usually wasting time doing things that just don’t matter that much.

Doing things that don’t NEED to be done right then.

Now I’m not trying to lecture, just saying it’s in your best interest to watch what you spend your time on. As you know, if you don’t promote it, you don’t make any money. One other thought about traffic…

Make sure you build multiple streams of traffic. Don’t get caught up in relying too much on one source, such as the search engines. Things change, rules change, algorithms change, stuff happens.

Believe me I know, I’ve had my fair share of slaps. When traffic goes, so does the money.

Don’t let it happen to you. I warned you 🙂

Okay.. let’s get to the traffic idea’s...

Getting People to Buy What Your Selling:

You can have the best web site in the world, but if no one comes around to visit or buy anything, you’re wasting your time. Unless you need a new hobby.

I always tell people that a new website is like having a store in the middle of the woods. No one will know it’s there or visit, until you build roads to it.

Building roads can be anything from word of mouth to search engine traffic, or even social networking. I see so many people complain that they are not making money online. When you drill down with many of these people, it often comes
up that they have done little to generate traffic, or get the word out, about their site.

The reality is, as I’ve already mentioned, there is an almost endless supply of things to “sell”, so it really comes down to two things.

  1.  If your not clear on the value you have in your head as to how you’re going to deliver it to the market, the market won’t respond to you or your offer and they will go somewhere else.

  2. Getting your offer (what your selling), in front of as many potential buyers as possible, which is traffic to your site.  Obviously I can’t include every single way of getting eyeballs on your website and I don’t have room to go into complete detail.

For one of the best sources about generating traffic to your website go here now.

There you will find all kinds of traffic generation tactics and best yet, in video, so you can follow alone and discover some killer ways to get buying traffic to your website.

    • Hey Ms Smith, website is like a store you put things there that people look for to buy. Ex I’m a Affiliate of Amazon I have their logo and when someone clicks on it and buy I make money too.

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